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in coaching

What are the tools professional coaches use?

What is the difference between coaching, mentoring and managing? 

How come coaching works (scientifically)?

How can I use coaching while giving feedback?


I answer all the above and more in my workshops: 

Coaching Minimum for Managers (8 hours)

Coaching Basics (2 days)

Advanced Coaching for Coaches (3 days)


All workshops can be delivered virtually or onsite, 
in Czech or English.


"Jana delivered an amazing professional coaching training program for leaders in North America.


The program was really impressive - combining theory with practicality so that we would all understand the value of coaching and become adept at performing it."

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on coaching

Are you trained in coaching but wondering how to apply it in a specific situation?

Is your company trying to adopt a coaching culture, yet it is not working?


Are you a junior coach seeking a mentor? 

As a consultant, I advise my clients on coaching best practices related to the implementation of coaching in an organization, 1on1 professional coaching, as well as the use of coaching aspects in a management or a mentor role.


in soft skills and project management

When I am not coaching, I teach! Here is what:


Tripartite Self-Awareness (3 hours)

Managing Projects in an International Context

(view syllabus at Masaryk University)

Presentation Skills: Be the Master (4-8 hours)
or Basics: What you need to know (3.5 hours)

Writing with Style: The Basics (3 hours)

Interactivity in Online Training: How to Use Zoom so That They Listen (2 hours)

Would you like a customized training tailored to your needs? No problem. Let's talk!

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on facilitation and soft skills

Are you transforming your workshops into online webinars?

Is your audience disengaged? 

Are you nervous about your presentation or a lecture? 

If you answered yes, then I can help.

I consult on 

curriculum development,

online facilitation, 

training and presentation delivery,

communication and active listening.


Contact me to talk about your needs!

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