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Business & Performance Coaching

Change management, high turnover,  communication issues, stress, conflict of priorities, strategy, vision, building a business.


Those are just some of the topics my clients are working on. As a coach, I will not advise you on what to do. Instead, I will facilitate your own discovery of the next steps aand encourage you to find harmony with what needs to get done and your own values. 

Through coaching, my clients achieved: 

  • higher employee satisfaction, 

  • increased performance,

  • lower turnover,

  • more open communication,

  • increased accountability among employees, and more.

What is your business goal? Let's talk!

Analyzing Data

"Jana is a consummate professional with a tremendous ability to engage directly with employees.


 Jana’s passion for coaching  maximizes employee’s personal growth and development while increasing productivity for the organization. 


I highly recommend Jana!"


Georgia G.

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