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About Me

I am an internationally recognized coach certified in solution-focused team and individual coaching.
I have been trained in several coaching frameworks including GROW,  Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching at Work (ORSC™), Neuro-Linguistic Programming, value coaching and others. In my sessions, I combine and adjust multiple coaching approaches and methods to provide the most suitable blend which truly meets my client’s needs at any given time. This is because growth requires flexibility and capability to adapt - in both, the coachee and the coach.

My extensive, PCC-level training certified by the International Coaching Federation, years long practice, inputs from audits of my sessions (which I all passed) and multifaceted career path enable me to not only design and deliver corporate coaching programs but also to develop a tailored coaching methodology based on the corporate vision and strategy. As an experienced and certified project manager (PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner) I also have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to properly manage the launch and delivery of the (typically entirely new) coaching program in an organization.

Besides my coaching and project management certifications mentioned above, I hold three Master’s degrees (in Law by Masaryk University, Defense and Strategic Studies by Missouri State University, and International Relations by Masaryk University) and certificates in Industry and Corporate Analysis (by Prague College), Management of Risk Practitioner (by Axelos), Managing Complex Defense Acquisitions (by Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey), European Armament Cooperation (European Defence Agency and European Security and Defence College), and ITIL Foundation (by Axelos).

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