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I had the pleasure of working with Jana in two different capacities. Jana was responsible for developing and implementing a coaching program for our consulting practice, and I was selected by leadership to get trained by Jana to be a coach. As an experienced instructional designer and trainer, I was impressed by Jana’s strength in creating a program vision, securing stakeholder buy-in, and executing its strategy.


Jana coached me, and I observed Jana coach others as part of the training program. Jana is an authentic coach—patient and masterful at asking powerful questions that uncover new perspectives and ideas. Jana was equally skilled in training others on the coaching process, techniques, and exercises. Jana struck an effective balance of conceptual and theoretical with practical application.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jana as a coach or lead in implementing a coaching program and training others.

Raymond S., Senior Manager

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When I started my sessions with Jana, I considered myself overall successful at work, yet I was not happy. I did not have plans nor a wished-for vision.


Already after the first session I felt the impact of coaching. Jana was asking me questions which were quite difficult to answer and often required my patience in going through my thoughts and sorting them out. Jana helped me look at ideas which I have not even considered before the coaching, or which I discarded as impossible or “not for me”. 

Within few weeks I managed to identify what specifically I needed to (and wanted to) change and I started taking action – one small step at a time. The reaction of my management was overwhelming: to my surprise I was given more trust, responsibility and space to go in the direction I chose to.


I learnt that it is always worth it to step back for a second and evaluate whether I am currently happy and think what I can do to make things better. Jana is the perfect guide for such journey if you – like me – seek answers. She helped me take my life in my own hands. Thank you, Jani!

Klara Pavelkova, Security Analyst


Jana has the gift to ask the right questions. She helped me to many "Aha!" moments and realizations throughout the coaching program. Her insight and experience helped me look at my long-term dilemmas from a different angle and get a fresh perspective.


After just few sessions with Jana, I was able to make progress with pain points with which I was struggling for  a long time.


I would highly recommend coaching with Jana to people who are striving for personal and professional growth or arrive at a crossroad in life and are struggling with seeing  priorities clearly.

Anna G., Senior Project Manager

Anna's Story

Jana is a professional through and through. Working with her was the smoothest cooperation
I have experienced so far.


Jana helped me rework my vaguely formulated, and somewhat unrealistic goals into specific, achievable ones which I am currently working on. She also enabled me to realize that some of the things I thought I needed are not necessary for my well-being and were only representing a symptom of not understanding my long-term plans and ambitions.


Jana clearly articulated the coaching process and theory to me, and I am now able to apply some of the methods both on myself as well as on the people I work with - not many would do that.

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I met Jana when she was piloting her coaching program across multiple departments, including mine.


We had several employees participating in her sessions and I saw the effect of her coaching from the other side: I noticed positive changes in behavior, approach and ownership of several tenured employees who until then struggled to advance their careers or in personal matters.


Only later I realized those employees were the ones participating in the coaching sessions with Jana.


I sincerely recommend coaching as the tool to define, follow and achieve goals, to grow careers or as a person to every organization and individual. Jana is the best coach and professional I have met so far to be your guide on this journey.

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Jana and I worked together at Oracle NetSuite. She proposed, crafted and delivered an amazing professional coaching training program for leaders in North America. The program was really impressive - combining theory with practicality so that we would all understand the value of coaching and become adept at performing it.


I was honestly pleasantly surprised at how much I learned about myself and how much my coaching skills expanded as a result of her training. Jana has a powerful ability to coach others and to develop effective programs.


If you have ever considered professional career coaching - Jana is an expert in the field and will get you to that next level, you seek.

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