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Be the choreographer

of your own life

Whether your stage is your career, family or fulfillment, as your coach I will help you create your own choreography and style that will bring you to the destination
and allow you to hear your inner applause.

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Young Ballerina
Senior Woman Dancing
Outdoor Workout
Ballet Performance
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My Story

I started my career as a sports coach and a choreographer. The freedom one can find in dance and sports overall has been my inspiration which guided me through several career paths – from being a published researcher in Washington, D.C., subject-matter expert in Brussels supporting NATO and the European Defence Agency, to becoming an IT project manager, trainer and finally a certified coach with the mission to assist others in seeing their inner potential and turning it into true performance for everyone to see.

My Story

Holistic Service

I provide one-on-one coaching in English and Czech on personal as well as business topics. I cooperate closely with an experienced psychotherapist and an executive-level mentor to provide a holistic service to my clients. Sometimes you need a coach and sometimes you need a mentor who can share their expertise and guide you through your business decisions. Another time, you may wish to discuss your traumas and truly understand what happened in the past – i.e., work with a therapist.


With me as your coach, you will always be looking into the future – where you want to be and how to get there. My sole purpose will always be to help you discover your true potential and how to transform it into performance. As John Whitmore said: “True performance exceeds expectations”. That applies to both, your private as well as professional life.

Wandering Traveler


"Jana is a consummate professional with a tremendous ability to engage directly with employees.  Jana’s passion for coaching  maximizes employee’s personal growth and development while increasing productivity for the organization. I highly recommend Jana!"

"Coaching with Jana was eye-opening.  While I have always been interested in self-development and worked on myself, coaching accelerated my progress and added yet another layer to my growth. Without judgement, but with sincere, open and kind questioning Jana helped me uncover, rethink and reevaluate my paradigms and strategies.


I am now using more of my potential in both, my professional as well as private life. I am glad that I embarked on this journey."


 "Jana is an authentic coach —patient and masterful at asking powerful questions that uncover new perspectives and ideas. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jana as a coach or lead in implementing a coaching program and training others."

"I would highly recommend coaching with Jana to people who are striving for personal and professional growth or arrive at a crossroad in life and are struggling with seeing  priorities clearly."

"Jana helps you bend the impossible, change your mindset, and set new goals.


Since the first time I told Jana about my professional dreams, I haven't received any judgment; instead, she truly believed in me and my capacities and provided the coaching needed to keep working on my goals."

"I absolutely enjoyed working with Jana. She is an extremely capable coach and genuine person. I felt safe and trustful sharing my thoughts and ideas with her.

Thank you Jana!"

"Jana helped me  look at ideas which I have not even considered before the coaching, or which

I discarded as impossible

or 'not for me'. "

Klara Pavelkova

Read Klara's full story 

"Coaching with Jana helped me realize where I would like to see myself one day. The path to get there will be long and challenging but thanks to all the questions Jana asked, I now have more clarity and know what I need to focus on.

Thank you, Jani, for all your time and gentle pushes when I really needed them."

"I saw the effect of her coaching from the other side: I noticed positive changes in behavior, approach and ownership of several tenured employees who until then struggled to advance their careers or in personal matters."

Dancer Jumping in Air

Let's work on your own choreography

Contact me for an introductory session to experience coaching and explore what a tailored coaching program for you could look like:


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